Chronic Disease Prevention

Campesinos Diabetes Management Program (CDMP) is a Promotora-based diabetes management model that was developed to assist Hispanic community members, primarily elderly former farm workers, through ongoing weekly support groups. Promotoras facilitate/coach the groups and provide diabetes education and assistance on diabetes-related needs such as medications, physical activity, nutrition, depression eduction, family issues, stress, self-esteem and spirituality. CDMP has been recognized nationally and has won awards as a model border health program.

Along with diabetes, CDMP also focuses on suicide awareness through community education, public information and training to educate community members on how to identify the warning signs of depression, its relationship with substance abuse and suicide ideation. CDMP is a huge success and has 6 different support groups in which participation numbers keep increasing.

Come join us…

Fernando Padilla Community Center
San Luis, AZ
Tuesdays         9am – 11am
Wednesdays    9am – 11am

Valle del Desierto Apartments
Somerton, AZ
Tuesdays          9am – 11am

Senior Terrace Apartments
Yuma, AZ
Tuesdays         9am – 11am

MLK Community Center
Yuma, AZ
Wednesdays    9am – 11am

For more information please contact CDMP at (928) 722-5735

The goal is to provide informational education on the link between tobacco and chronic diseases, the mission of Vision of the Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program is to educate and help the Hispanic community to understand the tobacco health risks complexities and to achieve a healthier life through tobacco cessation, reduce second hand smoke exposure, and to provide prevention educate on the links between tobacco and chronic diseases.

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The program goal is to provide quality bilingual, bicultural healthcare education, advocacy and referral to Mexican Nationals and their families at the Consulate, provide necessary information to enable Latino families of Mexican origin to establish a medical home, and assist in insurance programs.

The objective is to provide individual and/or group health educational interventions and support services like: nutritional counseling, alcohol and substance abuse, reduction smoking cessation, weight loss and control, stress management, etc. to seniors and/or their family members living in South Yuma County.

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